Live to Give

One of the things that I genuinely love doing is giving. That’s why I’ve made it a must that some of the monies we receive from our membership for Keeping It Real Magazine go to charities and we tend to buy each of our members a gift once they have fully subscribed with us.

We have been taught as children to give and as parents we teach our children how important it is to give to others. But are you practising what you preach to your children or still practising what you have been taught as a child?

As humans we do have a tendency to have a selfish streak within us. If it doesn’t benefit us then we won’t give or if it’s going to take up too much of our time then we might not attend a certain place when were asked to. Then we ask God to bless us, but why should we ask God to bless us when we don’t want to bless others?

It’s important to give not only if it benefits you. For example our members have no hesitation in paying the subscription because they want to bless others, they want to bless others by sharing their personal experiences knowing what they write will help someone that has gone through a same situation as them. And I know they feel so good knowing that they have encouraged somebody. They’re not just giving to the magazine but giving to others and I believe God will bless them. I have personally known for myself that you can never out give God every time I have given I have received a blessing back.

If you read throughout the Bible Jesus always gave, yes don’t get me wrong there are times you will need to spend by yourself especially in prayer and meditation, but don’t forget that you were put on this earth to help others and to give back to others.

In Matthew 25:34-46 this scripture stresses the importance of giving to others. So this is not something that needs to be taken likely. Believe me when you give you’ll experience so much more joy in this life.

By giving you are respecting and valuing human life more, most importantly you are pleasing God. So what’s in your gift box today? Whatever it is don’t hold it back live to give.