Discover John 3:16

To disciple the new, equip and empower the existing and inspire all of the faith to be rooted and established in the Love of God.

G.K.Chesterton referred to the Church to a house with a thousand doors. We hope we would be able to point you to that door and courage your faith further.

Discover Partners

Our Partners are the ministries best on the topics you will come to understand, If you have longed to be discipled into various aspects of our rich faith, then you’ve landed home. We hope these resources found nowhere else will ignite your faith and zeal.

Meet our partners here!

Know Your Faith

The finest teachings of the Catholic Church fail to achieve their purpose if in the long run they are largely ignored and relegated to interment on dusty bookshelves. For any such teaching of the church to be effective, it must somehow be communicated not just among clergy but to all Catholics.

“Know your faith” is one such niche institute that has begun this journey to evangelize the body of Christ not just within but from out. Now the treasures of the Church are available easily to any man who dares to seek.

Spread Your Wings

God captivated his heart in his teens brought about a radical change. Drew him out and formed him in his youth. Confirmed him into ministry through the prophets and now sends him out to preach the Gospel in Bangalore, India and to the ends of the earth.

Colin Calmiano is now one the most sort after preacher in Bangalore. Although his ministry is to equip leaders, he takes it deeper by making them disciples before they are sent out to lead.

Tree of life

A ministry run by a Catholic missionary couple, Tree of life is a unique ministry that draws from and finds its purpose in the cross of Jesus Christ.

They cover various others aspects of our faith and minister in areas of Human sexuality, Worship, Inner healing and Deliverance. They also run workshops and conferences to equip people to minister to others.

They are affiliated with the People of Praise community which is an International Christian covenant community of families and single people who seek to participate in the mission of the church in our time.