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My Testimony

Dear Friends There are times when we come across people who leave deep impressions on our lives. I encountered one such person in the Lord Jesus. Not only did Jesus deeply imprint my life with his incredible, unfathomable and profound love, but he also permanently transformed me from deep within. I come from a middle class Hindu […]

God’s Fatherly Love – Amazing experience

It was a great experience which touched my life last week. I had always wondered at God’s love which compelled him to sacrifice his only son Jesus Christ on my behalf as a punishment/remission for my sins/wrongdoings. I always used to fathom about this love and in my mind I used to believe God loves […]

Rishika’s Cancer recovery – God’s faithfulness

Today we are celebrating Easter, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ after his crucifixion and death.I was reminded by the Lord today to share the resurrection blessing and grace in my life and my family. Very few would know that my sweet angel daughter Rishika (4 Yrs. now) was diagnosed with Cancer in her kidney […]

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