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Unlike bigger cities and towns that boast of advanced development and infrastructure, smooth roads and transport systems, and other amenities which are considered to be basic, places in these villages in Meghalaya are terribly lacking in essential amenities. 

While some mud roads only allow for a two-wheeler to be used, others do not even cater to bikes. Moving around on foot is the only option.


In order to carry out the mission of giving instruction in the faith and discipline the people of these villages, catechists need to walk for hours over terribly uneven pathways and difficult routes to reach their destination.

While many of us in cities enjoy internet at our fingertips, it is not the case here.

The villagers’ spiritual growth and exposure to prayer largely depends on catechists and their heart of service.


You can make a huge difference by contributing financially and by praying for these servants of the harvest. 

Support the mission today. Donate generously and help spread the message of the Gospel.

Let us awaken to this need for the Gospel to be shared. Let us respond to the call of Christ. Let us help each other to be effective laborers in the vineyard of the Lord.

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