Discover John 3:16

Food for your soul.

God is our Father and He did not spare even his only Son for our sake

And we are now His adopted Sons and daughters. We did not have to do extravagant things to appease God or get his attention, find His favor. But we had His attention from the moment you were conceived. In fact, He had us in mind even before the stars were made. Our future need not be the victim of our present or past. Because someone has paid a price for it all, this life and the one to come will be glorious and eternal.

No matter what we have done or where we have been, even though we want to give up, He is someone relentless is His pursuit of us and He can give us a second chance and He never gives up on us. There exists a God who can make all things new, yes even the broken stuff, persons, relationships and all else. There is forgiveness for every sin known and unknown and a new of freedom. We were made for more. More than grounding SLA’s – SOP’s, deadlines, Sales targets, slipshod ambitions, mundane chores and the rest of the grind.

Over our little story of life hovers another grand story, the greatest love story the world has ever known and it awaits to break into ours and make all things sacred. The tallest order, the loftiest idea, the widest expanse of emotion in the world is pursuing you, you are pursued by God, pursued by His great love… God loves you… yes you…passionately, unceasingly, relentlessly, unconditionally and it’s your attention and heart that He is trying to win.

And this is John 3:16!

This is love come down!

love of God