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God provides

God provides

My apartment gives me a scenic view – hills on the horizon, a lot of green and open space filled with fresh air and the songs of birds amid distant sounds of traffic on the highway.  Morning is a happening here!  I particularly love watching the sun rising on the horizon as if from the hills.  I do stand on my balcony and take these in several times of the day, especially the mornings, and the reflections thereof is priceless.

This morning, my reflections slanted towards the God who made all these and breathes into these a new day, every day.  I became aware in my deepest senses that He breathes His life into me; at that moment I felt the breath of God not just in nature or in my individual being, but kind of moving across the entire Universe making this breath, this life available to all. 

This God not just created, but creates – in the present.

Every life that comes into existence is a reminder that God still creates.  And today, my existence told me that this God knows that life is still possible.  And He knows better to create only if He can give all the supporting resources for this new being.  I saw then that the world does have all the resources necessary to sustain us. 

A couple of days ago, I was watching “Last Week Tonight” by John Oliver where he was talking about the real scene around “re-cycling”.  According to his report, less than 2% of the plastics get recycled although the hype and numbers seem to give us the impression it is more.  Interestingly, he says how the ad industry has shifted all the blame on us, the consumers.  The reality is that it is much costlier to re-cycle than manufacture new, and my inference is that, such a huge project requires the time, resources and infrastructure that Companies do not have today.

While I fully agree with the concept of re-cycling, I am not sure that we are actually expending our efforts and resources to the re-cyclable (if that is even a word).  Every concept, reform or policy gets lost greatly in a lot of media hype which contains more exaggeration and some calculated numbers than raw fact.  If I pick a few 10-year-old kids and tell them the science behind plastics, they may come up with much more brilliant yet simple ideas to overcome the same.  Don’t get me wrong… even the adults may know it, they may just have a hard time accepting it, as it may not be in accordance with Corporate or political agenda.

Having allowed these thoughts to flow, I am willing to take the stance that God has provided, is providing and will continue to provide as long as He continues to create.

Hypes, statistics and associated claims shall not permeate into my existence to the extent that I stop believing this. I shall not be anxious for my son or future generations to not have resources.  Rather, I will in some small way at least, start passing on this thought process – that God will not continue creating if He cannot supply!  Of course, we mess up things.  That is where the people of God (and here I mean those who are close to God, without reference to any religion) will step up and stand to mediate between God and humankind, to repent for ourselves and on behalf of all humankind.  Inevitably, when we do this continuously, we are likely to hear His voice commanding us in the direction to take in all areas where we have messed up!  And I will do my part and also help those engaged in fixing the mess.

So, God provides.  God not only creates, but also sustains by providing.  He provides for me, His creature, He provides for all that He has created. “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” – Phil. 4: 19

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