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The Second Christmas

More than two thousand years ago the first Christmas took place in a manger where God sent His only son Jesus to save the human race.  Jesus was the only person in the entire world to ever be pre-announced, His coming was announced in the prophecies of the Old Testament and He fulfilled every one of them. Not only were the Jews expecting the birth of a Great King, but even the Greeks, Plato and Socrates also spoke of the Logos and the Universal Wise Man “yet to come”; even Confucius spoke of “the Saint” to come. 

What separates Jesus from all men is that He was expected; even the Gentiles had a longing for a deliverer, or redeemer. This fact alone distinguishes Him from all other religious leaders.  A second distinguishing fact is that once He appeared, He struck history with such impact that He split it in two, dividing it into periods: on before His coming (BC), the other after it (AD).    

Christmas is a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus but as we look around us the Christian world is more interested in celebrating Jesus’ birthday where emphasis is given more to the secular than the spiritual.

What do I mean by “THE SECOND CHRISTMAS”; it is when Jesus is born in an individual’s heart, every human heart is searching for solace which the world cannot give. All humanity is seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world.  All mankind is crying out for love, for guidance, for comfort, for peace; we live in the “age of anxiety. For generations we have been running like frightened children grasping at every passing straw and even as we clutch it, it disappears.

Jesus is the answer to the world. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  When we allow Him to be born in our hearts and to live there all through our lives here on earth, it is only then we will experience the Second Christmas every day in our lives. For this we have to empty ourselves wholly so that the Holy Spirit consumes us and directs us in our lives. There will be trials in our lives but the inner strength God gives us to endure and conquer is amazing.

The only person in history who was able to choose where He was to be born, chose a stable but now He waits to be born in human hearts, for there is a room there.  Let every heart prepare room, for a Second Christmas.

 Thou didst leave thy throne

And thy kingly crown

Then thou camest to the earth for me

Come to my heart, Lord Jesus! There is room in my heart for thee.  (E.S. Elliott)                           

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