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Bringing the Eucharist alive in times of crises

Holy Eucharist

What is a church without the people? Who is the church? Is it merely a structure or what? Who makes and comprise the church? The answers are all simple, it is we the believers of Christ Jesus who form the body i.e. the Church.

Having taken a moment of realizing where we are in today’s current situation of the world it is sad to say we have taken this gift of the Eucharist very lightly. We have been so caught up with our daily work and lifestyles that we haven’t removed time to attend the most supreme and supernatural gift given to us i.e. the Eucharist.

Having to be at home and celebrate the Holy Eucharist as a family is a different feeling like never before. A life changing experience. It dawned upon me that I am not receiving Jesus for the first time in the form of Bread, yet I am celebrating the most powerful mystery of the Eucharist. Eucharistic Communion is an essential part of our life without which
there is a void that cannot be fulfilled. We as Catholic’s are called to be partakers in the Body and Blood of Christ.

Today with the economic slowdown and the current world crises of the Corona virus, God has a very strong message for us the people who He created in His image and likeness. We, His human race have forgotten the Lord. We have taken every bit so lightly for what reasons merely our greed. Greed to satisfy our need, to be on top of everything else. How can we change and revolutionise the current situation and the need
of the hour that is daily Eucharist.

We are blessed in this time of virtual reality to have celebrate each day in
prayer while millions of people around the globe are doing so. Our Pope Francis provided us with a solution to be in constant touch with the Eucharist in this time of crises. He termed this as ‘virtual parish’ where we can live stream the Eucharist, Stations of the Cross and much more to be in spiritual communion and prayer. In this time of the Corona virus pandemic,
we realise the importance of what daily Eucharist in our life truly means.

There is a saying – “we do not realise what we have until it is taken from us”, which is very true in our life as of today. We as Catholic’s are so fortunate to be a part of the church celebrating His life each day at every Eucharistic assembly. How privileged are we who can partake in this Eucharistic celebration each day. As Catholic’s, how much have we honestly cherished this gift which has been given to us freely?

Take some time to contemplate on these questions while you seek answers for yourself on where you stand.

Now during this time of pandemic and even after that we have to live our Christian duties every day more so as a family with the habit of daily family prayer. I urge each and everyone of you’ll to pray with your whole heart and soul for this pandemic to be soon over.

We then should not take for granted what the Lord has provided us because he can take back what has been given to us as we all can see.

Share the Peace and Love of Christ Jesus and tell the world about how we all together can make a difference through daily Eucharist.

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