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Life – A Gift of God

How often do we take for granted the precious gift of life? How often do we sit and thank God for giving us this life? What is life without God? The world we currently live in is a roller coaster with so many emotions and worldly pleasure that we forget the essence of life. We […]

Faith over fear

Many people are facing challenges and are struggling all around the world in this time of uncertainty. Be it young children, adults or elderly people everyone in all age categories are in the same state of mind. Young children who do not understand the situation are scared about what is happening. Adults on the other […]

Restoring Faith and Hope in our Life

Hope is a word we normally abuse as far as possible in today’s life. How often do you use this term “HOPE”? Has it really sunk in as to what the true essence of hope is? We hope either for the best or for the worst. We use hope for our selfish motives and personal […]

Bringing the Eucharist alive in times of crises

Holy Eucharist

What is a church without the people? Who is the church? Is it merely a structure or what? Who makes and comprise the church? The answers are all simple, it is we the believers of Christ Jesus who form the body i.e. the Church. Having taken a moment of realizing where we are in today’s […]

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